Sunday, August 28, 2011

Watchtower Hall: Outside's Done!

I'm done with the outside of the Watchtower Hall! I took these pictures yesterday, when I still hadn't added on some details, so some areas look emptier then they are now.

Two Paths, which should you take?
If you go to the right, you will come to this river (Notice the water cat, one of three that live here). In this picture, the island up ahead is empty. Since this picture was taken, I've added some trees and a lion. 

If you go through the island, you'll find another bridge.

This morning I changed this patch of woods from a wildclaw den, to a spider nest.

That side of the island is heavily populated with wild animals. This side on the other hand, has a partially cut down forest, to make way for a new settlement.

This morning I added some goat farmers.

If you cut through the crops, you'll be able to cross the other river and go to the wildclaw den.

If you go back through the farm, you'll also see a secret tunnel. The tunnel leads up to the trading post itself.

This morning I added a food cart between the piles of equipment.

I still have to add some to the tower itself, but other than that, the outside is done.

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Happy House Decorating!


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