Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Housing Tricks: Lesson 4

Lesson 4: Underground
Welcome back to another Housing Tricks! In this lesson we will be going underground. For this lesson you need two small carpets, a large carpet, and a scaffolding housing item (bought at the bazaar or the krokotopia housing vendor). Attach one of the small carpets to the large carpet.

Put the other small carpet on top of the scaffolding.

Click on the small carpet, and move it. 

Then move the small carpet that's connected to the large carpet, and put it onto the lower levels of the scaffolding. HINT: If it won't let you put the small carpet on the scaffolding, just rotate the small carpet that's attached to the scaffolding once. Then try again. The problem should be fixed.

Now that the scaffolding is pointed another direction, you can now put the small carpet (the one attached to the large carpet) on the scaffolding!

You can also put it on the second level if you want.

To remove, simply pick up the small carpet on the scaffolding. Be careful not to click on the scaffolding when you do this, or all the carpets will be picked up.

Repeat until you are low enough.

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