Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Housing Tricks: Lesson 5

Lesson 5: Super Housing Items
In this lesson, we will explore a new form of carpet tricking. A form that does not require carpets (much).

In this trick, it's important to be very precise, so you'll want to put barriers or markers around your object (this trick works best with glowing object such as candles, torches, etc).

Click on the candle and move it, but don't set it down. 

Then click on an item in your inventory. Cancel that item, and set another candle down in the exact same spot as the last candle.

The first candle is now floating to my left. It is just a ghost.

I can even walk through it.

Repeat the trick a ton of times to make the candle glow brighter. But wait! What about all the "ghost" candles? Just reset the area. How do you do that? Just leave the area and come back. The easiest way is going inside and then back out again, or vice versa.

You can do this trick with other housing items too, by rotating them each time.

It also works with wall hangings!

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