Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Maze of Secrets

Hi, it's Travis TitanThief of The Potions Cabinet. I have only posted on here a few times so let me give it another go. 
There are many rumors about my maze, many bloggers have attempted it but failed. I would say about 15 people out of 60 have completed it. The others get so angry or run out of time and leave. I have yet to complete tha maze without cheating.Here is the Maze Of Secrets.
The maze begins with you trying to get inside.... soon learn it's not that easy.

Avoid the deadly traps.

And travel down perilous paths.

Solve intriguing puzzles.

Take a break in a trap.

Pick is your doom the other is safety....or are they both traps...

No cheating 

That's not an entrance nor an exit...

The inside features no seeing anything.....

It only gets harder....

and harder...

Pick one yet again

My favorite part is the tightrope of death...

You have a 1/9999999999999 chance of beating this in one try

Don't fall into a trap on the tightrope....

Wherever the maze leads you there is no escape muhhahahahahahah.
You can contact me on my site to try!
Hope to see you soon muhahahahah

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hey Look! A Header!

Hey! Look up there! That's a header! Since Housing101 is a school for housing, I decided that it would fit to make the header a chalkboard. Unfortunately, all of the resizing I did has made all the fine print blurry and hard to read. This, and the fact that it doesn't match well with the rest of the blog may lead to it being deleted soon. Comment on if you like it or not! If enough people say they like it, I might keep it.


Actually, it's really ugly to look at. I'm taking it off for now, but here's a picture of it anyways.
If you like it, then comment.

Runestones of Austrilund

Here's part 2 of my Grizzleheim house. I'll try to put a teleporter to link it to the other section of the house eventually, but currently I don't have any.

The Tower Fort

There are lots of weapons in case of an attack.

From here you can see the entire land.

And this planning table is useful for creating a useful defense, in the event of an attack. The robot really isn't part of the tower, I just used him in Adventures of Malorn, and I didn't feel like taking new pictures with him not in them. That's all for now, so....

Happy House Decorating!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Rooms

Today I'd like to share a new room I made in the Island Getaway house. Making new rooms is fun, but it's hard to make them look good. The carpet flooring generally doesn't look too good. Luckily, in this house, a layer of grass covers the carpets I used. Here, I'll show you! First climb the dirt piles.

Then you come to this boardwalk.

Cross the boardwalk, and jump off this cliff.

If you survived the drop, you can cross another boardwalk.

It hides buried treasure too!

And the campsite.

I'll be decorating more this week, but I just finished making this room a few minutes ago. Anyways, try exploring some of the other rooms in your houses. The rooms KI tried to keep you out of.

Happy House Decorating!