Friday, September 30, 2011

Blaze's Mooshu Extravaganza!

Heyo peps!

Today I am going to be posting about my amazingly awesome, Mooshu Extravaganza house! So to start off, this is a outside kind of nature theme with lots of amazing twists and turns :)

Here we have the illustrious entrance which gives the real N in nature. It shows the vast trees in the outside along with many amazing plants and pets galore! 

Next we have our amazing Zen Garden which has the peaceful summer trees as well as a few lotus flowers to give it the nature touch. Included is a birdbath which the birds love as long as Mr. brown spider doesn't touch it. We all know that Mr. Spider is more interested in the amazing pasture behind the trees and the cart filled with fresh vegetables. Mmm. Delicious!

Here we have the petting zoo if you would. Here we have our chicken coops where our chickens produce the freshest and most organic eggs in the Spiral! They are able to do so due to the lush flowers in their possession. The chickens are fed daily with their special chicken food which is stored in the wheel-barrel. The chickens love this environment and they need constant care.

Who is that emerging from the mist! It is the great warriors of the village! The bearnians are the warriors that protect and keep the village safe. They make their entrances from their meeting zone which is right behind the magical waterfall. It is said that the waterfall has been there since the begining of time itself. 

Here we have a view of the magnificent entrance to the royal house of ages. Only those with the highest honor  in the village are allowed to dine and sometimes take part in living in this illustrious masterpiece. It has architecture fit for a king! Don't forget the amazing scenery and plant life that partakes in this rich living space. They even have their very own goat-master who watches over the village on the cliff in the bottom left corner.

A nice area to chill and kickback and view the amazing nature that is in the environment. You can take the bridge up and hop on up and kick your feet up and relax. You can also light the inside of the red pagoda to signal that you need assistance.

Here we have yet another zen relaxation zone where you can be catered by the goat master who will tend to your every command. Whether it be fetching you a snack or polishing your wand, he does the job. You can kick back and look up and view the glorious summer trees with their amazing color and patterns.

Here we have an amazing tunnel discovered by the monks ages ago yet no one has ever dared to enter. It is marked by two trees.

The entrance way to the magnificent holy of hollies room. In here there have been the initiations of some of the villages greatest warriors. It is guarded by the two elder monks of the village. 

The holy of hollies is the one room in the village that is where the villages greatest warriors have been initiated and been given the option of staying in this glorious house. It has the fountain of knowledge in which every hero must drink from to become initiated. The tiki's are where the onlookers look from.

The grand bedroom which has everything needed for royalty. It has the two finest beds in the whole village as well as a place for the owner to place his swords. It comes with a bookshelf, cabinet, and table.

Here is the bank in which the owner places his belongings.

The grand artifacts room in which the greatest warriors place their kimonos and pagodas to show their respect to the village. The artifacts in this room are respected with a lot of honor and dignity. They have been worn by the most brave and courageous warriors in the village.

The room in which the warriors and owners come to meditate in and relax. They can connect to previous warriors from the past and great monks who can help them.

Thank you for reading my very long post :) I hope you enjoyed what you saw and I hope you visit the village some day :) 
-Blaze Shadowhorn

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hey There

Hi all

It's my2cents from ther blog, my2cents! Some of you might know me as the (in)famous (I wish XD) Chase WillowWeaver or Valkoor WillowWeaver! Malorn Ghostrider very kindly invited me to this blog after seeing my decorated swamp house.

I thought I'd 'kinda' start a segment about making beastmode houses with the WC Wooded Cottage. As you might already know, the Wooded Cottage is the smallest and cheapest house in the game. You can only place a max50 items, so decorating this house can be quite an enjoyable challenge. I'm still thinking of a name, so for now it'll be "WC WC" which stands for Wizard City Wooded Cottage XD. I look forward to a great time with you all here at Housing101! Below are some pics of an example of a 'WC WC Project.'





Cya later!
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Test Realm: Black Panther! Housing Signs! Other New Stuff!

Hey! The Test Realm's up! Go test out the new black panthers in the crown shop, and the brand new housing signs!

Happy House Decorating (and testing)!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Housing Tricks: Hedge Stacking!

Hey! Have you finished your lessons? 1-10? If not, be sure to check back over them. You'll probably need them for these tricks. These new tricks are not lessons, like the others were. These are guides on how to use the lessons you learned earlier to make really cool designs. Since this is the first of the "Cool Tricks" series, I will be going slower, but in the later tricks I won't be going as slow. Don't worry if you forgot some of the tricks, I've supplied links back to them on each post.
Alright, here we go.

For this trick you need the following items. Two or more (more are needed if you are making more than a triple stacked hedge) crates (dark wood, jellybean, hot dog, etc), two small carpets, a large carpet, and at least two hedges.
Move the crate so that the carpet hovers over the hedge like this.
Attach the two carpets, and move the end one so that the front one is under the hedge. (Outside Only Moving)

Like this.
Move the front carpet....

....onto the large carpet, like this.

Move the crate.

And pick up the back carpet.

And there's your double stacked hedge!

You can do this over and over again, and also stack the hedges higher. Just remember that when you're stacking them higher, you will need more crates underneath the large carpet. Happy Hedge Stacking!

Housing Tricks: Lesson 10

Lesson 10: Putting "Outside Only" Items Inside

For this lesson all you need is this Square Metal Platform, a small carpet (I use a small blue trim rug), and an "Outside Only" Item.

Here's my outside only item. Apparently, the square metal platform counts as part of outside.

Put a carpet on the platform, and move it somewhere.

Instead of rising a foot above the ground, it is now at ground level. The fancy lamppost represents where the top of the platform used to be.

Then just place your "Outside Only" item on the now lowered platform.

To remove, pick up the carpet.
Here's the end result.

Housing Tricks: Lesson 9

Lesson 9: Moving "Outside Only" Housing Items.
Some housing items (like this fountain) can only be placed outside. This makes a bit of a problem for us house decorators, because carpets are considered "inside". So does that mean that we can't use housing tricks on "Outside Only" items? Of course not! Here's how you do it!
Simply stick two small carpets together like this (keep in mind that they don't have to be this exact kind of carpet).

Click and move one of the carpets (the one in the back).

Move the back carpet so that the front carpet is underneath the fountain.

Then move the front carpet to wherever you want the fountain!

To remove the carpets, simply pick up the back carpet.

And there you go!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rising From the Dead!

Yes, fellow witches and wizards all around... Amber has finally found a place to post her random housing features.
I don't really have much to say right now without spoiling surprises, so I'm just going to sit back and let y'all guess. Okay?

The Big Surprise Is Out!!!

WOOT!!!! The big surprise that Nick and I released on Spiral Live has gone viral! So you know how the Spiral Live website was on Wix,.. Well now we have moved it to blogger! That's right, now the official Spiral Live website is on blogger. Nick and I spent countless hours making sure it was amazing and we really hope you enjoy it as much as we do. My favorite part is the Fan Art page just because it looks so epic! We also have  a forum and a music page where you can listen to music created by myself and Nick. We have the Friendly Intro on that page. So please check it out and follow it and leave a comment in the forum under guestbook.  Here is the link - Also HUGE props to John Spiritshade from Ambrose2Zeke because he created our amazing background!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the Spiral Live blog as much as we do,

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Detail, Detail, Detail

Time for another update on my latest house! I've decided to make this house a restaurant. So far I've really only made an outdoor dining area, and the sign in area. Oh, and I've planted the waiters (King Parsleys), and the band (King Parsley and the Trumpet Vines). When you first enter the house (in the picture above), you see a ring of hedges around you.

I'm probably going to put hedges all over the outside, giving the impression that you're in a hedge maze.

If you go to the right, you'll come to the outdoor bar.

I just planted the band a few days ago.

Here's the bar. I thought about crafting mannequins for the waiters, but I decided against it. The King Parsleys add much more than mannequins do. The plants move around and make noise, while the mannequins just, well, sit there. 
Unfortunately, he's still just a seedling.
Here's where I get to the title of the post. Detail. In some houses, I've found I can't add a lot of detail. By the time I'm done adding trees, I've gotten halfway to the item limit. (this is generally in the smaller houses, like Wooded Cottage, and Oasis Camp). In this house, it has a small area to place things, but a large item limit. That means that you can use a ridiculous amount of detail. Here, I originally just placed the counter. To add more detail to the counter, I added some flower pots, the sign in book, and a quill. At that point, I thought the area behind the counter looked a bit empty. So, I added the brazier, and plants. The fish tank also helps fill up the space. It also helps give the house a "restaurant" feel. Ever been to a restaurant where you can pick your own lobster? 
And on the other side of the room is where you wait for a table.

Here, I started out with the two settees, and the brazier/elephant ear/portrait combination I had on the other side. Even after this, there was still an empty space behind the settees, so I added the same vases I used on the other side. By using a lot of the same housing items, it makes the two sides of the room seem almost symmetrical, but still unique.

In the four corners of the main room I'm adding these Stone Fountains. 

Bookcases, I'll add books later.

This idea I got from the latest house I've added to the house gallery (If you guys haven't seen that yet, I advise you to do so).

I also used this on another door. To get downstairs, you will have to use the other entrance. To get  upstairs, you'll have to use the spiral staircase I'll be making later on.

That's all for now, so Happy House Decorating!