Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Housing Tricks: Lesson 3

Lesson 3: Floating
For this lesson, you need to have the above items. Three crates (dark wood, jellybean, hotdog, etc), two large carpets, and two small carpets. Put the items together in the way shown above.

Place the small carpet on the crates.

Then move or pick up the back crate.

Repeat with the other set of carpets.

Then place the item you want floated on the carpet, and move the crate! If the item you want floated is bigger than the carpet, use the two step method I showed you in Lesson 2. If you want the floated item higher, then put the other crate on top of the carpet.

Repeat until you have the desired height.

HINT: If you don't move the crates, and just add more crates and carpets, you can get a carpet staircase. If you want a carpet staircase without the crates taking up room, follow the instructions below.
Move the back crate backwards one space.

Make sure the small carpet IS NOT touching the large carpet.

Just pick up the small carpet, and you're done!

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