Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 2

Wow! It hasn't even been 24 hours since this blogs start, and we've already gotten two other authors and close to 100 views! I've also fixed a few things. Now people can comment as "Anonymous", and comment on the multiple pages we have. If you haven't had much housing experience, you may want to check out our "What is Housing" and "Housing Tricks" Pages. If you have had a bit more experience, then you should check out the "Housing Creations" (EDIT: Now called "House Gallery") Tab. You may be able to get some extra ideas. Also be sure to check out the blogs on our blogroll. Everyone there has made great houses. Some decorate more than others, but they all have good houses. There are a ton of house decorators out there, so if you want your blog to be on our blogroll, just send an email to, or leave a comment! You can also send emails to me if you have question/comments, want to be an author, or want to have your house showcased. Happy House Decorating!


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