Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Houses in the Gallery!

I'm very pleased to announce that there are some new houses in the Gallery! These new houses include those of Paige Moonshade and Cody Raventhorn, as well as Diana Wildheart. Be sure to check out these houses, and (if you like them) comment on the Gallery wall, and their blogs. Remember that if you want your houses to be in the gallery, all you need to do is send me an email (, or become a contributor (In which case you'd have to send me an email as well).

Also, TFN has added us to his gigantic blogroll! I'd like to thank everyone else who has added us to their blogrolls as well. If everyone does, we'll be able to get more contributors, more housing tricks, and way more houses in the Gallery.

As for progress on my houses, I've finished maybe a third of the inside of my Watchtower Hall. So far the only completed rooms I have are a study and a bar. I'll also be adding a throne room, two bedrooms, an entrance hall, a dining room, and a lounge. It could be a while until I'm finished with it lol.  I've also been spending a bit of time farming, just in case those new houses come out one day. A while ago a had actually saved up 200,000 gold, expecting that the houses would be out before the week was over. Well, I was a bit wrong. So, every day, I'd see an item or two at the bazaar that I liked. So I'd buy it, thinking "Oh, it's only one item, it won't cost much". I did this until I had gotten to 80,000 gold. Then I just gave up and bought a ton of trees for my Watchtower Hall. Before I started farming today I had gotten down to 14,000 gold. Unfortunately, I don't have access to Halfang, so I've been farming Hrundle Fjord bosses. It shouldn't be too long before I replenish my gold (and hopefully just in time, because I heard a rumor that the new houses would be out next week).
 Happy House Decorating!


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