Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How to Avoid Copying

This will be my Doom and Gloom post that will help you in the long run. NEVER EVER COPY WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THE OWNER. Personally, I hate copycats. I hate when I get a great idea and then someone else is taking credit! So don't copy think of your own housing ideas! 
A good way to avoid copying is thinking of your own ideas (obviously). 
Step 1-Pick an idea
-haunted house
Step 2-Work off of that idea
Jungle-Walkway in trees
Castle-Weapons room underground
Haunted House-Secret passageway with Square metal platforms
Step 3-Be Successful!
Also check out Malorns idea list 

Follow these steps and you will be awesome!!!!!!! Don't be a

-Travis TitanThief


  1. Great post! My idea list is available for anyone who wants to use it. Think I should add the list to this blog?

  2. ok, I'll go copy the list and put it on another another page here.

  3. Hmm. There are a few problems. When I post the list as a page, the links don't work and you can't go to it. I've temporarily removed it. If I can figure out how to fix the problem, I'll put it back on.

  4. I sort of fixed it. I had to remove the "Home" button though. The only way to return to the main page now is to click the header.

  5. Ah! There we go! I shortened the "what is housing?" tab to "Housing?". It all fits now.