Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Second Chance" Housing Contest!

Time for a housing contest!
1. This is a house decorating contest. You may use any house (this includes dorms), and any housing items.
2. You may use teleporters to jump around from one part of the house to another, but you may not use teleporters to jump from one house to the other. Try to use only your best decorated house.
3. You may send entries as pictures or videos. If possible, use a video, but pictures are accepted too.
4. Send all entries to, by Saturday, September 10 (That gives you two weeks to decorate your house).
5. Remember that a house does not need to have rare items to be well decorated.

Make sense? If not, just comment below, or send an email to me (
Grand Prize: Death House (Won from HiaG House-a-Palooza Contest)
Second Prize: 100,000 gold worth of treasure cards (of the winners choice)
Third Prize: 25,000 gold worth of treasure cards (of the winners choice)
Three Honorable Mentions: 10,000 gold worth of treasure cards (of the winners choice)

Note: Prizes may change due to possible donations.

Have fun, and may the best house win!


P.S. Donations are very welcome! To donate send an email to


  1. Is there a limit on how many pictures you can enter?

  2. Nope. Well, as long as it' not something ridiculous like 100 pictures or something lol.

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  4. Well cool, I'll get some more stuff, and email the video....PS- Awesome site, you've got.

  5. Awsome. I'll be sure to make something incredible. And I will decorate my Dorm Room. Anyway, I'll send you a picture, Marlon.

  6. Hey Malorn, I have a question. How are you going to give us the prizes?

  7. The house is a code, so I'll just email that to you. As for the thousand of gold worth of cards, I'll find a time to meet up with the winners at the bazaar. There, they will tell me what cards they want. I'll buy them, and trade them to you.

  8. Great! Send me a message when you want to meet Marlon. I really need new treasure cards.