House Gallery

Welcome to the Gallery! The Gallery is a collection of houses from many wizards across the spiral! If you want your house in the Gallery, simply send an email to Your houses will be automatically added if you are a contributor. Feel free to check these houses out, and comment on which are your favorites!

Malorn Ghostrider's Housing Creations
The Beach
Wilderness (Outside Only)
Halloween Dorm
Trading Post
Runestones of Austrilund

Talon Thunderblade's Housing Creations
COMING SOON (Maybe, maybe not. Probably not.)

Mark Stormhunter's Housing Creations
The Carnival

Travis Titanthief's Housing Creations
Summer Fair
The Corrupted
Lost Temple of Ra
Titanthief Gardens
Celestian Temple/Battlefield Part 1 (Outside Only)
Maze of Secrets NEW

Paige Moonshade's Housing Creations
Phoenix Cage
Dragon's Hoard Home
A Step in Time
Egg Coop
Wizard(101) of Oz Part 1
Wizard(101) of Oz Part 2
Celestian Space Station Biodome 
Grizzleheim Retreat
Grizzleheim Retreat (With GH Wallpaper)
Pandora Part 1
Pandora Part 2
Many Houses (Slideshow)
Halloween House
Dorm Decorating
Pet Sanctuary
Decorating the Cheap Way
Housing: Wizard Style
Sunken Palace
Haunted Halloween Funhouse
Hidden Temple NEW

Cody Raventhorn's  Housing Creations
Hedge Maze
Summer Fun
Dragon's Fjord

Heather Raven's Housing Creations
Sheriff's Office
Spider Web Castle
The Outpost
Never Never Land
An Exploration in Passages
Celestial Observatory

Vanessa Emeraldglade's Housing Creations
Wizard's Dorm
Wizaversary Party Rooms
Paradise! Well, err, maybe not....
Goodstrang Academy

Diana Wildheart's Housing Creations

Blaze Shadowhorn's Housing Creations
Mooshu Extravaganza

My2Cents' Housing Creations
Country Dorm

Elijah Stormheart's Housing Creations
Stormheart Manor

Aaron Starheart's Housing Creations
Dragon's Realm and Ice Hotel

Talon Nightshade's Housing Creations
Mysterious Island Pt1
Mysterious Island Pt2

Other Wizard's  Housing Creations
Angel's Island Getaway
The house is featured from 3:10 to 6:50.

Alex's Dragon's Fjord

Finnigan Thistle's Storm House (Outside)
Finnigan Thistle's Storm House (Inside)


  1. Which housing creation is your favorite?

  2. I like them all gosh!!! :)

  3. I have to say, Cody Raventhorn creates my favorite houses.

  4. Although, Finnigan Thistle's housing tricks are the most amazing I've ever seen, so the question is....
    House Decorating?
    Housing Tricks?

    Which is better?

  5. And if you want a perfect mixture of great decorating skill and carpet tricks, check out Angel's Island Getaway!

  6. Hey Malorn! Can you add me to this list? I want to start adding my creations to the page :)

    Send me and email and we can discuss there.