Housing Tips

Steps for Decorating a Great House

Step 1: Inspiration
The first thing you need to decorate a house is a basic theme, or idea. This theme can be almost anything, although a more detailed theme makes for a more detailed house. Just remember to have a good solid theme, because houses with multiple themes usually don't work very well. For some ideas of themes, check out this list! Inspiration

Step 2: The House
After you have a good theme, it's time to buy the house. Make sure your house fits well with your theme (for example, the Life House would probably not fit well with a Krokotopian theme). Before buying the house, tour it, and try to have an idea about how you would decorate each room (this just has to be a rough idea, you can expand upon, or change your ideas while you decorate).

Step 3: Get the Items
Now that you have the house, it's time to get your housing items. Having rare housing items doesn't automatically make your house well decorated, so don't feel that you need them (although they can make your house even cooler). The most important thing that you should look for with housing items is their color. If you make sure that the colors of your house match, your house will look good. You should make sure you colors match with....
The ground
The sky
The wallpaper/tile
The castle itself
The other housing items
And pretty much anything else. Just make sure they match.


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