Saturday, July 21, 2012

Change of Leadership

After briefly checking back on the community, I have decided that Vanessa Emeraldglade/Jack is Awesome would be a better choice as Admin, as he is the only one posting on the. Also, to help get this blog back on it's feet, I will resume accepting applications for new authors, and houses for the gallery. I will also be back in the question answering business, and will try to help bring this blog back up to date (from what I've heard, there are quite a few new houses and items now). Happy House Decorating! -Malorn

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Great House Help Part 2

Hey everyone.
So, there are houses out there that look, unrealistic. Every detail counts. Even adding pets or fireplaces help. Which is what we are talking about today. Lets begin..

Including Pets In Your Housing:One thing I hate is when people buy houses, like the Massive Fantasy Palace, or the Sun Palace, and don't use it. All they do you use it for storage or putting out random pets. Though, pets take a roll in housing too. Here is what I mean.
Harvest Goddess in my Harvest Festival House
This example is from my Harvest Festival house. I used this pet to represent a Harvest Goddess. I named her Angel to fit her appearance. If you do include your pets in house do not name them Princess Cookie when they are a Seraph.

Fireplaces In Housing:
Lots of people have fireplaces in their houses living rooms. I like that. You can also use it in other places...for example in the corner of a diner, or in a club. Anywhere really. Just not outside, or with a candle in it. It looks just pathetic. Might as well leave it without a candle.

Including Rugs:
Rugs play a big role in housing. Rugs are the center of attention when you enter a room. Rugs take up extra space, and should match it's surroundings. Take this one for example, probably forgot large watcher rugs are actually rugs...

As you can see I used that to take up the extra space that was left empty. You also see the painting that takes up the empty wall space.

Simple Details: 
Simple details help with making your house more realistic. If you are making a pavillion, add things onto it, not just place it out.


Thanks for Reading!

Thursday, May 31, 2012



I haven't been posting. And I warned you. It's been, what, 5 Months since I said goodbye temporarily? Yeah, Probably. When I left off I was working on my hotel house, and I finished. But, I got a new laptop when the laptop with the pictures....CRASHED.

Some things that will change: (Ignore these...These are just for my blog- The Diviners Lane
-This blog will have *Some* Cursing. Never the F-Bomb. Just thing like Crap, Shit, and Hell. If you can't handle the fact that kids nowadays already know these words and we must "Protect" Them, then...Take them out of school and leave the spiral. Because there is a whole lot of cursing there.
-I am still awesome, No need to worry.
-Some non-related Wizard101 stuff will happen (As you see in the last post).
-No I won't post news. You don't need another billionth person telling you that test realm is out.

So, yeah. My other, old, twitter got hacked, so follow my new one (If you want too)

While I was gone, I was decorating, a lot. I HAVE GOTTEN BETTER! So here are all the central links..

Hunger Games Arena: Just an experiment
Hunger Games House (FULL): Capitol, District 12, The Arena. This is too amazing

Black and Red Arena: Black and Red Arena=COOLIO
My Arena: Yeah....First one in a while

Full Experiment Post: The Title Explains


UNDER THE ARENA: A different perspective





I made more houses
EX. Harry Potter, Medieval House, Harvest Festival, Carnival, Animal Festival, Gardening Houses.
And I am working on a backwards house (Inside is Outside and Outside is Inside).

Hope you enjoy the new me! BLARG


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Great House Help Project! Part 1

Hey hey hey!
(It's faaaaattt Albert)
I have been making a lot of houses lately and have been working on other "experiments" in housing. The spiral has a lot of different views and designs/layouts, you may not know this, but these can be brought into your houses!

Now making houses with themes of "Wizard City" Or "Krokotopia" aren't good but you can add them into you themes like "Krokotopian Exploration" Or "Grizzleheim Outpost" SOOO, LETS BEGIN!


The Krokotopian/Marlybonian digsite scenery is found in the royal hall. They are actually easy to make.
For the reinforced crates to use this way to float your rugs, if you didn't already know how: Floating Rugs
  • One krokotopian tent, small one from Meowiarty and large one from Stoker #2
  • Three reinforced crates
  • One small wooden table
  • One folding stool
  • One stone bowl (Not necessary, but if you want more detail)
  • Two shovels/worn shovels
  • One long broken wall
  • Two wooden barrels
  • One floor torch
  • One tactical map


This one is one of my favorites. I love marlybone! This one is very simple and great if you have a low budget, it only costs around 1000-1500 gold! For this glitch you have to use this method, most people don't know this glitch- check it out: SUPER HOUSING ITEMS!
  • Street lamp- MB housing shop
  • Marlybonian street sign- Old Smokey, Ironworks

This glitch I found in Shirataki Temple, floating paper lanterns onto Torii's/arches. Once again, another simple glitch just need to use this glitch again: how to float rugs
  • Any torii's from Mooshu, blue stone toriis, crimson torii, etc. etc.
  • One or more paper lanterns

This glitch isn't a glitch at all. You don't even need to glitch! It looks nice at the large Dragonspyre house in the center outside.
  • Dragonspyre statue base
  • Headmaster statue
  • Dragonspyre platform

Sorry that I haven't done Wizard City, still working on a way to make this work! Thanks for reading!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!