Housing Tricks

Basic Lessons
Here are the very basic tricks you will need for house trickery.

Lesson 1: The Basics
Here I teach you about the basic carpet tricks.

Lesson 2: Two Step Tricks
This lesson builds on the tricks you learned in Lesson 1.

Lesson 3: Floating
Here I teach you how to get into the air.

Advanced Lessons
These tricks are more advanced, but by learning these, you will be a true Housing Trick Master.

Lesson 4: Underground
Learn to go underground!

Lesson 5: Super Housing Items
Learn how to mix several glowing objects together to make a super torch!

Lesson 6: Carpet Removal
How to remove carpets in more difficult situations.

Lesson 7: Water Placement
Here I teach you how to float objects on water, in only one step.

Lesson 8: Off the Walls
Ever wanted to magically float your wall hangings* around your house? No? Well now you can!
*(Offer applies only to certain** wall hangings).

Lesson 9: Moving "Outside Only" Housing Items
Ever wondered how you move those pesky "Outside Only" Items? Here's how!

Lesson 10: Putting "Outside Only" Items Inside
How to get "Outside Only" Items inside!

Cool Housing Tricks
Have you finished your lessons? Now use those skills to make some awesome housing creations!
Hedge Stacking
I show you how to stack hedges on top of each other.

How to make a Stage
Vanessa Emeraldglade shows you how to make a stage for your house.

How to make a House in a House
Vanessa Emeraldglade shows you how to make extra rooms and buildings out of crates.

Other Wizard's Tricks 
Here are some cool tricks that other wizards have found!

KBB: Shadow Floating and "Rotate" Method of Carpet Removal
Shadow Floating is explained in the post, and the "rotate" carpet removal method is shown in the video. This comes from KBB's series "Arena Design", which is excellent for those of you who enjoy decorating duel circles.

How to make Bunk Beds
Paige Moonshade teaches you how to make bunk beds "Wizard Style".

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