Thursday, August 25, 2011

Housing Tricks: Lesson 8

Lesson 8: Off the Walls
Even though this is in the "Advanced" Section, it really isn't that hard. It's very similar to Lesson 1, the only difference being that this trick uses wall hangings. You have to use a wall hanging that sticks out, like a Dragonwing Bust, or Soda Barrels (these are the only wall hangings I have gotten to work so far, but I'll keep experimenting). First, arrange the two carpets so they're touching at the ends.

Move one end.

Position it so the end you are moving is directly in front of the wall hanging, and the other carpet is directly under it.

Move the carpet underneath the wall hanging to where you want the wall hanging to be.

Not too hard. To remove, just pick up or move the carpet farthest from the wall hanging

It also works with soda barrels!


  1. not to be rude, but i dont see how this could be used in a house. please use this style in a house soon

  2. You are kind of right. It's not used nearly as often as the other housing tricks, but it works very well when you're trying to make carpet trick rooms. In Vanessa Emeraldglade's "Paradise! Well, err, maybe not...." house, she used that trick with the soda barrels to put them in the underwater part. I used the trick in "The Drake Caves", to move the Dragonwing busts onto a section of wall you couldn't normally put them. This trick can also be used to change the elevation of the wall hangings. Those houses can be viewed in the gallery.