Friday, August 26, 2011

Hola Companero Wizards! Vanessa EmeraldGlade here!

Hey Hey Hey (It's fat Albert!)!

I am Vanessa EmeraldGlade! Now joining, this wonderful site!
The type of houses I do is fun, exciting and something people will say COOLIO at. I usually don't focus on one full house, just something to do with a part of it. So I will be giving you little ideas to add into a theme you're making, or (If you're like me) the small section of a house you have been wanting to fill in!

So you're probably wandering what type of fun I mean. No? Well you will learn anyway! I like to make the fun items (As I said earlier). Here are some examples;
A cute little wizarding dorm with a dog on the floor and bed with my roommate Megan XD.

Completed with crafting stations!
A cute little pond area complete with an entertaining frog *Tap dances with Charlie* CHA!
A small present hand out stage for the party guests!
The mysterious HeadQuarters of Pig and Ninja, the saviors of Mooshu from 1945-2008
This is one of my stages I build a lot. You can hop up, dance, take a nice picture, and eat CHEESE DOODLES!!
 I will teach you guys how to build a stage maybe next time, by right now......Bye.

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!


  1. That really neat to see more decoration houses. Can you check my email please? Thank you.

  2. On the dorm room did you hide the crafting stations in the walls? Very nice! I also like how you made where the crafting stations were hidden relate to what they were hidden in (ex. Equipment Crafting was in the wardrobe).