Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Housing Tricks: Lesson 6

Lesson 6: Carpet Removal
Here we will discuss another way to remove carpets. Look at the picture above. There we have an ordinary carpet pathway. But look at that yellow carpet in the middle. It takes up space, and doesn't look too good. 

Just click on one of the carpets (doesn't matter which one), and do the trick I taught you about in Lesson 5.

The ghost of the carpet should be here.

Take out another small carpet.

Attach the new small carpet to the end of one of the large carpets. Then move the small carpet you just put down, and do the trick again, so there are two ghost carpets instead of one.

Use another carpet (can be any size, doesn't matter), and attach it to the end of each small carpet. Make sure it doesn't touch the large carpets. Then pick up the new carpet. Repeat with both carpets.

All that should remain are the large carpets.

Go inside then out, and it should look like this.

A much more basic version of this trick can be used to pick up carpets like this.

Do the trick on the object (a fire pit in this case), and then simply pick up the carpet.

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