Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to make a stage!

Hey there! 
So as I promised in my first post I would show how to make stages, now I didn't have a lot of boxes so I made small stages and showed something you can do! Here we go!
First get your basic rug set up like shown, long blue runners work best

Then begin places boxes across the runner, make sure they are next to each other!

Then once you have the amount of boxes you want for your stage length move the runner and
box to the next line, the next line of boxes have to touch the last line

Repeat step two

Put out any rugs that fit on it and the make a way to get up!

View from under

Or make a flat line stage!

And build your stage even more!

Anymore questions? It wasn't the best guide, so I do expect a question XD! Comment your question and I will reply!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

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