Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Paradise.....Well, err....maybe not.

So, yesterday Mother EmeraldGlade told me I needed a vacation and told me to take her broom and fly to EmeraldGlade Estates! I was excited until I saw the image of the island from the distance! It was like Hurricane Katrina! I wouldn't be surprised if in a week the whole outside was empty! Waves crashing and flying everywhere, thunder, and lightning striking every piece of metal! I finally landed and had a closer look at my hotels exterior.
I have a bad feeling about this O_o

Well this is a pretty fountain! ...Probably the only pretty thing on the island >_>

This is a nice bazaar! But err...people?

No one?! FREE STUFF >:D!

Well this will supply the Vacation!

Wow, this has some nice home goods!

A secret path!? Umm...I will probably die here anyway!


Hmm...look on top of that triton! Is that the greatest storm wizard ever?! *Wink wink!*

Hey thats pretty cool!

They need to make a more secure dock...


Hmm, nice viewing dock! Let me go see how good it is...

Cool! A water mole statue!
Wood desks, and a ring of fire...How Smart?!

Oooohhh!! Sand bed! And a pet bed!


CALLED IT!! *Dives into jellybean pile*

Cool! Bunkbeds!

This island has a lot of busniess with no one running it

Hmm....where could this rug lead??



COOL! Wonder what her name is..??

Private seating!

Cool! And a swim area!

So in the end I guess my vacation was pretty good! I'd actually go back there sometime......Psh! Yeah, riiigghtt!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

New Houses in the Gallery!

I'm very pleased to announce that there are some new houses in the Gallery! These new houses include those of Paige Moonshade and Cody Raventhorn, as well as Diana Wildheart. Be sure to check out these houses, and (if you like them) comment on the Gallery wall, and their blogs. Remember that if you want your houses to be in the gallery, all you need to do is send me an email (, or become a contributor (In which case you'd have to send me an email as well).

Also, TFN has added us to his gigantic blogroll! I'd like to thank everyone else who has added us to their blogrolls as well. If everyone does, we'll be able to get more contributors, more housing tricks, and way more houses in the Gallery.

As for progress on my houses, I've finished maybe a third of the inside of my Watchtower Hall. So far the only completed rooms I have are a study and a bar. I'll also be adding a throne room, two bedrooms, an entrance hall, a dining room, and a lounge. It could be a while until I'm finished with it lol.  I've also been spending a bit of time farming, just in case those new houses come out one day. A while ago a had actually saved up 200,000 gold, expecting that the houses would be out before the week was over. Well, I was a bit wrong. So, every day, I'd see an item or two at the bazaar that I liked. So I'd buy it, thinking "Oh, it's only one item, it won't cost much". I did this until I had gotten to 80,000 gold. Then I just gave up and bought a ton of trees for my Watchtower Hall. Before I started farming today I had gotten down to 14,000 gold. Unfortunately, I don't have access to Halfang, so I've been farming Hrundle Fjord bosses. It shouldn't be too long before I replenish my gold (and hopefully just in time, because I heard a rumor that the new houses would be out next week).
 Happy House Decorating!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to make a stage!

Hey there! 
So as I promised in my first post I would show how to make stages, now I didn't have a lot of boxes so I made small stages and showed something you can do! Here we go!
First get your basic rug set up like shown, long blue runners work best

Then begin places boxes across the runner, make sure they are next to each other!

Then once you have the amount of boxes you want for your stage length move the runner and
box to the next line, the next line of boxes have to touch the last line

Repeat step two

Put out any rugs that fit on it and the make a way to get up!

View from under

Or make a flat line stage!

And build your stage even more!

Anymore questions? It wasn't the best guide, so I do expect a question XD! Comment your question and I will reply!

Till next time
Happy Wizarding!

Housing Showcase: Diana Wildheart

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the awesome houses of Diana Wildheart. The first house she showed me was a maze, that led to her Massive Fantasy Palace. 

After going down the hill, you come to the entrance. 

As it turns out, I'm not that great at mazes (A fact proven during my attempt of Travis Titanthief's maze). 
For those of you who, like me, aren't that great at mazes, there is another way in.

Don't quit now. Some of you may be thinking "None of this stuff matches!" (Elijah Stormheart *cough cough*) The best parts have yet to come.

 Soon, you come upon the inside of the house, where the maze continues. There, you will have to fight through....
Unicorns? Unicorns!

After this, the maze is over. Now you get to the really fun stuff....

Party room!

From there, you can take the teleporter to her MFP.

And of course, the fairgrounds wouldn't be complete without mini-games in every single tent.


On the inside she has an impressive trophy collection.

And an even more impressive mannequin collection.

I thought this house was pretty awesome, especially the arena of the MFP. If you want to see this house in person, be sure to go to Diana's Party. Info on when this is can be found on the link. Also remember to enter  the"Second Chance" Housing Contest if you haven't already. Happy House Decorating!